February 8, 2018

January 4, 2018

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November 6, 2018

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How FIT is your mind?

February 8, 2018

So the New Year is definitely health, fitness and "new me", "faster me", "better me" resolution time!  So many people join gyms in January and start diet fads, and new training methods in a quest to being "better" this year.  For many by the end of January things have slowly crept back to there old ways, and those big plans of making this year the best - blah blah blah - are gone out the window.  So why?  I mean its not like people don't want to change right?  Its not like they didn't give it a decent crack for a few weeks or a couple of months at least. Spent a tonne of money on gym memberships and new workout gear, cleaned out the cupboards and bought healthy food etc. So what goes wrong? Why for so many is this whole be a better, healthier, fitter, goal seeking version of yourself so hard to actually do?  Well you see -  you have to get your mind fit and ready  before you can do any of this other stuff!  Until your brain is in gear, and trained, and ready you will always revert back to your old ways.  At the beginning of any new adventure, be it transforming yourself, aspiring towards a big goal, seeking a change you know you need in your life - you have to have the right MINDSET!  




  1. the established set of attitudes held by someone.

    "the region seems stuck in a medieval mindset"

So that's it really - until you tip your established attitudes upside down and inside out - there ain't no way you are going to all of a sudden get fit and get your diet sorted and turn into the person you wanna be!  You have to start that process in your mind first. You need to train the way you see and think about things so that you are not constantly fighting with your own brain about every little decision. You see if you have a crappy MindSet, one fixated on negative emotions, pessimistic thoughts and a "treat yo' self" with crap food habit...well you're going to be in a constant battle between good and evil with yourself. I can tell you now - that your brain will win - cause that little voice in there - the set of attitudes you have built over time - well that guy is a real *#$hole. Seriously - he'll take the wind out of your sails all the time. You have to train that dude - so you are in control again! Cause he'll always try and sneak up on you - rationalising things, giving you outs, making great excuses all the time...you have to change the way you respond to these thoughts, and like anything -  practice, and practice and practice - and over time..you will notice that when you decide to do something, you make clear rational, realistic, but big and bold goals for yourself - and you work your butt off to achieve them!  



Mind Set can really be considered as the "X-Factor" that makes the difference in your performance and success in your endeavours.  Mindset is in the end - a reflection of who you are as person.


There are many different qualities that can help to improve your mindset. Below are 4 which I believe are important in achieving success as an athlete.

1.   Strong sense of identity

2.   Self Confidence

3.   Fearlessness

4.   Persistance 



"I know who I am"



" I know I can do great things"



"I am not ruled by my fear of what might happen"  



"I don't give up when I face hurdles, set-backs, or failures - I use these moments to fuel me to get better"



This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are so many different qualities that can help to improve your mindset - and everyone has their own unique quirks that may be preventing them from reaching the potential they seek!  


By changing the way you think about yourself, your training and your diet - you can find some amazing opportunities for growth and potential...check your mindset first - and then makes changes as necessary after that! You may just find you already have everything you need - right there inside of you! 



For more tips of Mindset and mental side of training I highly recommend reading "The Brave Athlete "Calm the F*ck down and rise to the occasion" by Simon Marshall PHD & Lesley Paterson.








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